In the idyllic countryside of the South of England, an eerie mist rolls in, casting shadows of mystery and unease. 

Undeterred by her fears and uncertainties, the doctor explores the underworld of ghostly inhabitants, convinced that one of them has abducted the child. The giant phantom bells tolling in Broadway Tower, a skeletal dinosaur spirit haunting the hills of Chipping Norton, the ghostly roamings of the lost fortress of Castle Combe, the ancient dragon guarding the gates of the underworld in Malmesbury Abbey and a shapeshifting water demon lurking in the water terraces of Blenheim Palace, driven by the insatiable thirst for merciless vengeance - those are just tiny grains of fantastic, thrilling secrets, concealed from the eyes of those who refuse to see - the true Cotswolds.

Will the doctor succeed in finding the missing boy? What secret lies behind the child's lost voice? How did he acquire the knowledge to cross the portals of the mythical underworld? And why is it that only the chosen few can see the hidden wonders veiled by the dense mist of Cotswolds?

The story is based on real events, historical figures, myths and legends of the Cotswold region, the jewel of Old England, renowned as the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which has preserved its charm and beauty over many centuries.

The ghosts of the past, kings and nameless spirits manifest before the psychiatrist, who, in doubt of her sanity, takes them in as patients. Meanwhile, a father, concerned over his son's demonic paintings, coincidentally seeks therapy for the boy from the same doctor. Suddenly the child vanishes. And thus begins the doctor's thrilling and, at times, dangerous journey through the Cotswolds, urging her to investigate the connections between the disappearance of the boy, unexplained phenomena and the haunting local legends.

Spirits, elusive phantoms and long-forgotten mythical beasts rise from their dormant state, as though awakened by an otherworldly force.